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Definition Documents and Naming Standards; Key to an effective Business Information Repository

Business Process Analysis May 19, 2023

A paper explaining the importance of creating standard templates and introducing naming standards.

Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Analysis Repositories are key sources of Organizational Knowledge that support decision-making within Organizations.

Making the best decisions for an Organization requires that the best quality information be available for use in the decision making process. However, many (if not most) Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Analysis Repositories have grown organically, starting from simple collections of unstructured information and then built up over time into more structured Repositories. Not surprisingly, these Repositories tend to get ‘cluttered’ with information in all sorts of formats and structure, with little or no thought to standards or templates.

Unfortunately, this lack of consistent or standardized modeling, in both structure and naming will most likely result in an inability to deliver many of the benefits expected of repository-based tools, such as Orbus Software’s iServer, which allow organizations to:

  • Reduce or eliminate the duplication of information and effort;
  • Allow the re-use of standardised information; and
  • Accurately determine the impact of change

This white paper will use examples to identify the importance of:

  • Creating a set of standardised templates for ‘Definition Documents’; and
  • Introducing naming standards.

At first glance, it may seem that the application of these two approaches is more relevant if you are using a repository based tool however, this is not necessarily correct.

Even if you are not using a repository based tool, you still need to carefully consider both the types of things (or ‘objects’) that you are going to collect information about and how you are going to name them.

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