10 Key Steps to Initiating a Business Process Project

White Paper May 19, 2023

10 ways to ensure the successful implementation of a Business Process Initiative.

Much has been written over the past years (Standish Group Chaos Report; TechRepublic, Inc. and itsparent Gartner Group, Inc.® and Forrester Research being three of the many authors of these articles) regarding the monetary wastage of failed projects around the world. Billions of dollars lost to a staggering 40% of IT Project failures. Why does this happen one may ask when seemingly there are so many ‘experts’ and knowledgeable people in IT and software development? - still projects fail.

Joan Pournara has enjoyed a colourful career that spans more than 30 years as a Business Analysis practitioner and the many projects she has worked on had outcomes that ranged in different degrees from failure to success. When she thinks back and analyzes the projects, there is a clear pattern of common reasons for the failures.

These patterns are vocalized by the many people she has trained in business analysis. Unfortunately in today’s economic climate when organizations should become more frugal and careful as to where they spend their money, it appears evident we will continue to see an increase in failed projects until the collective voices from organizations such as the International Institute of Business Analysis®, Zachman Group and The Open Group Architecture Forum are taken seriously and organizations begin to support the practice of good business analysis.

Based on her career as a practitioner in and training professional of Business Analysis over the years, Joan shares the 10 key steps that should be in place to ensure the successful initiation of a Business Project.