A Practical Guide to Planning & Running Process Improvement Workshops

Business Process Analysis May 19, 2023

A practical guide to planning and running process improvement workshops

This useful guide details a step-by-step approach to planning and running effective process improvement workshops. It is intended as a practical guide for Business/Process Analysts to ensure workshops are run in a practical manner which will rapidly take the organization to an improved future state.

In summary the guide includes the following:

  • Why organizations should utilize process improvement workshops
  • Common mistakes in planning and running workshops
  • Key activities required to plan effective workshops
  • A practical approach to facilitating effective workshops

Why run workshops?

I run a lot of workshops – I find that they are the most efficient way of getting to the heart of processes and improving them. I’ve seen people spend months conducting in-depth interviews with staff only to have projects shut down before they’re even close to identifying improvements. This is avoidable. What can be accomplished in a well-structured workshop can eliminate weeks or even months of unnecessary activity “walking the process”. It also gets staff involved in changing their process for the better. In essence this helps with change management as the staff feel involved from the outset. It’s not an outsider changing their process – they feel they are in charge of their own destiny.

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