The Importance of Aligning Project Portfolios with your EA Practice

Enterprise Architecture May 19, 2023

Highlighting the interdependencies between these vital organizational domains, with a view of understanding how PPM and EA teams can support each other in achieving sustainable business value.

The Project Management Office (PMO) and the Enterprise Architecture (EA) practice within organizations are often quite separate disciplines, with the PMO focused on prioritizing and delivering change and the EA aimed at documenting and understanding the complexity of the organization in its current and future states.

Having these two critical capabilities misaligned can lead to a number of challenges for an organization. The impact of projects and their cost and timelines cannot `be accurately assessed without a view of the interdependencies across the organization. This view should be a key outcome of a mature EA practice. Similarly, an EA baseline of the organization will quickly become out of date and inaccurate if changes brought about by projects are not accurately captured.

The outcomes of the EA practice need to be used as a key input into the planning cycles of the PMO in order to reduce the risk of portfolios and projects, and to support sustainable change.

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