Benefits of an Online Process Map Portal

Business Process Analysis May 19, 2023

A paper examining the benefits of an online process portal for collaboratively drawing up business processes.

Organizations can have many different reasons for documenting their business processes – optimization, implementation of systems, tracking KPIs…the list goes on. At Orbus, we’ve identified more than a dozen key reasons for such activities amongst our customers. However, drawing up processes cannot happen in isolation – the questions remains, how do you get these processes in front of the people who have to use them and review them?

Many process mapping tools offer some kind of web interface; either the ability to save an individual process map to a portable file such as a web page of a PDF, or more powerfully, the ability to make the process maps available via an online portal. In this paper we examine the reasons why organizations find this capability so useful, and consider the attributes of a good process portal.

The most critical part of any process modeling project is to get the buyin and acceptance from the business stakeholders. A process portal is an excellent way to share information with these stakeholders, uncover objections and resistance and finally share the processes when they enter production.

In this paper Peter Harrad considers some of the key benefits that an online process map portal can provide for an organization – and how these benefits should influence what to look for when choosing such a portal.

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