Beyond Tech Debt: Redefining Enterprise Management with the Digital Enterprise Blueprint

Enterprise Architecture Oct 13, 2023

Tech debt continues to hinder enterprises in the digital era. Coined as a metaphor to illustrate the consequences of prioritizing speedy software delivery over perfect code, tech debt has evolved into a more complex concept that extends beyond the realm of IT.  

While tactical approaches like code refactoring, DevOps practices, and agile methodologies have their merits, they often address symptoms rather than the root cause of the problem. This quick-fix mindset perpetuates a vicious cycle where short-term gains are prioritized over long-term liabilities. 

In this white paper, we shed light on tech debt's critical role as a barrier to business modernization and innovation. We present an innovative solution – the Digital Enterprise Blueprint - that not only addresses tech debt but also fosters a comprehensive understanding of the business-IT landscape.    

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