Building an Enterprise Business Architecture Function Within the Broader EA Context

Slide Presentation May 19, 2023

In this slidedeck, Guy Sereff takes a brief look at how Enterprise Business Architecture fits into the broader context of Enterprise Architecture as a means of grounding our conversation. He wraps up by considering what success looks like and where to get started.

In summary, the Business Architecture describes the product and/or service strategy, and the organizational, functional, process, information, and geographic aspects of the business environment.

In practical terms, the Business Architecture is also often necessary as a means of demonstrating the business value of subsequent architecture work to key stakeholders, and the return on investment to those stakeholders from supporting and participating in the subsequent work.

The collective Business Architectures of an organization, or taken together as a whole to form the Enterprise Business Architecture, is often the only end-to-end model of the business that exists, describing the organizational structure, core business processes, critical information objects, value chains and vital entity relationships.

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