Business Capability Starter Maps

Starter Packs Mar 4, 2024


Kickstart your business capability management journey with our industry-specific starter maps!

Business capability management is crucial for aligning your organization around a unified representation of business capabilities. Visualizing your data via models and maps improves planning efficiency, enhances business and IT alignment, and aids in operationalizing strategic execution. With OrbusInfinity, users can begin this process effortlessly, leveraging our quick-start maps designed for immediate impact and ease of adoption.

Why use the Business Capability Starter Maps?

Accompanied by a best-practice guide and developed through collaborative community workshops with customers, these prebuilt, ready-to-use capability maps work as a template that you can quickly customize to represent your organization's strategic, operational, and supporting capabilities and their specificities.

  • Accelerate time to value: Our maps provide a structured and descriptive base, representing typical capabilities. This allows you to quickly tailor and add your specific details, accelerating the development of your personalized organizational map.
  • Industry-specific maps: While we offer enterprise architecture solutions to many industries, we understand certain enterprises need to be organized around their subject matter and industry standards. This tailored starter pack includes industry-specific maps, enabling quicker realization of capability maps for these sectors.


Benefits of using the Business Capability Starter Maps

  • Save time: Reuse proven, industry-specific frameworks that have been socialized and refined through experience.
  • Leverage shared knowledge: Benefit from the collective knowledge and efforts of other organizations in creating a versatile template.
  • Focus on your uniqueness: Refine aspects that showcase how your business stands out and adds value.
  • Enhance collaboration: Utilize OrbusInfinity as a common platform for building, commenting, and updating your business representation, fostering stronger collaboration. Starter maps have been shown to improve this collaboration early on by demonstrating the value of capability mapping within your organization.
  • Immediate momentum: Start with a robust foundation, avoiding the guesswork of building from scratch.
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