The Business Motivation Model Poster Pack

Enterprise Architecture May 19, 2023

The Business Motivation Model is a notation scheme for developing business plans in Enterprise Architecture to aid with digital transformation. Learn more!

In use since 2000, the BMM has become an essential tool for Enterprise Architects to communicate and manage business plans with the ultimate aim of assisting with digital transformation.

But despite its importance, the BMM is not the most accessible of tools. The official documentation for the model runs to more than 100 pages! It’s no use having a method to communicate complex ideas if that method itself cannot be easily communicated.

This Business Motivation Model Poster Pack is a valuable resource for understanding and utilizing the BMM in a quick and accessible manner. The poster pack includes:

  1. BMM Poster: Means (Part 1)
  2. BMM Poster: Influencers (Part 2)
  3. BMM Poster: Assessments (Part 3)
  4. BMM Poster: Ends (Part 4)