But they all want Different Things: Dealing with Stakeholder Disagreement on Process Purpose & Outcomes

Business Process Analysis May 19, 2023

In order to successfully design (or re-design) a process, it’s important that stakeholders start with at least a broad agreement over what the process ought to be achieving. What do we do when different stakeholders have vastly different perspectives on what the process exists for? This e-book investigates!

Analyzing, managing and improving business processes can be a tricky task even at the best of times.

End-to-end processes can be incredibly complex and typically involve multiple teams or departments, each of which has a different set of needs. Sometimes these differences can be subtle, in which case it is relatively easy to gain consensus or compromise, but on other occasions these differences can be vast. Plus there may be other stakeholders who have an interest in the process too – the customer, a supplier, a regulator and so. As business and process analysts it sometimes feels like we are caught in the middle – trying to facilitate agreement amongst stakeholders with vastly different views and demands. Yet facilitating this agreement is absolutely crucial, so how do we go about it? A practical approach is to start early, analyze the stakeholder landscape and look for areas of potential disagreement before they become fatal.