Capabilities vs Services: Delivering Architecture Value in Banking

White Paper Oct 13, 2023

Deploying architecture value through Services Planning and Business Capability planning enables a stronger fit and strategy alignment between business and technology teams.

The IT function must be able to deliver value to the wider organization at pace to meet the challenges faced by incumbent banks.

Large incumbent banks have seen challenger banks spring up, offering new products and better customer experience through applications. In the wider financial services industry, Fintech businesses have found numerous new opportunities, whether in cryptocurrency or more traditional avenues. Faced with these challenges, existing enterprises have been forced to adopt new strategies that prioritize the use of technology to meet internal and external needs, such as operational resilience requirements or new financial products.

In this eBook, we explore how to plan the mix of capabilities and services to enable the agility and change in company direction required to meet new market opportunities. Download now to take the first step towards an agile and responsive approach to technology outcomes.