CIO Challenges: EA Disconnected from Business Stakeholders

Enterprise Architecture May 19, 2023

What are the main concerns facing Chief Information Officers in the modern era? This paper looks at the disconnected teams hampering EA efforts.

Connect teams to deliver measurable business outcomes

Enterprise Architecture is regarded as a key component for successful digital transformation, but starting an EA team or expanding an existing one is not an instant panacea. The contribution of EA can often be hampered by a lack of communication & cooperation between EA and other parts of the business. Business and Architects need to find a way of connecting disparate teams to focus on delivering real business value.

In this paper, we’ll discuss how disconnected teams can harm transformation efforts, and how the right setup for EA can deliver successful business outcomes.

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  • The barriers to effective EA
  • Why team structure can be so important
  • The tool you need to bring teams together
  • Why 80% of business take a collaborative approach to EA