Creating a Process That Learns

Business Process Analysis May 19, 2023

This free eBook explores factors that can be considered when designing or improving a process, creating one that learns.

Designing effective end-to-end processes can be a tricky endeavor. Processes tend to have a range of competing demands, desires and constraints placed on them by multiple stakeholders — all of whom have slightly (and sometimes very) different needs. Perhaps a customer desires quick and cheap service, a regulator may mandate that specific rules are adhered to, and management may need the process to be implemented in a sustainable way. On top of this, the process needs to be implemented in a way that supports the organization’s overall strategy. A premium brand that excels on customer service (but charges a little more for it) is likely to design some tasks and processes in a different way from a pile-‘em-high sell-‘em-cheap retailer.

There can be a temptation to move focus elsewhere after implementing a process or process improvement. After all, once we have balanced the needs of the varying stakeholders, that’s the hard work done, isn’t it?

In this ebook, Adrian Reed explores factors that can be considered when designing or improving a process. This includes considering mechanisms for building in opportunities for feedback into the very fabric of a process, as well as capturing metrics and assessing ongoing performance. Additionally, it includes capturing the 'voice of the customer' and hints and tips from those closest to the process. Login to continue reading or register to download the ebook.