Customer-centric Process Design

Jul 25, 2023

It is very easy to fall into the trap of designing processes to meet internal goals and targets. Yet processes have many "customers", and understanding their needs will help us design processes that are both efficient and effective. This eBook discusses how to start recognizing these customers and designing experiences that will delight them.

When designing or re-designing processes, it can be very useful to focus on factors such as efficiency and effectiveness. Yet these terms might have very different connotations for different stakeholders, with different views emerging on what constitutes an ‘effective’ and ‘efficient’ process.

It can be tempting to focus our analysis internally, understanding how we can ensure that the process is cost-effective and easy to manage. Yet doing so could lead to trade-offs that affect the organization’s customers – the very people who the process is designed to serve. Creating a process that is extremely cost-effective and efficient from an organizational perspective might have a significant negative impact on customer experience if we do not consciously keep this in our minds.

To design a successful and sustainable process, it is therefore important that we balance a range of perspectives, and ensure that the customer is front-and-center of our thinking.