Enterprise Architecture and ITIL: Implementing Service Strategy

Enterprise Architecture May 19, 2023

A paper on implementing Service Strategy with Enterprise Architecture and ITIL

In the previous paper “Enterprise Architecture and ITIL: Where is the Value in ITIL?” Trevor Lea-Cox looked at why and under what circumstances Service Management, the focus of ITIL® is important.

Essentially Service Management is important because the concept and use of services is a powerful mechanism for structuring and managing the growth of an organization, including the IT function.  As the IT function grows, IT Services reach a level of complexity where they can no longer be managed on an informal basis.  ITIL provides the best practice guidelines for managing IT Services on a (progressively) more formal basis.

This process is most easily managed by using an ISO20000 concept, the building of a Service Management System (SMS). In this respect we saw that the effective scope of ITIL was not just the development of a SMS but more importantly, subsequently using the SMS to formally manage IT Services. The paper concluded by looking at some of the key issues encountered when integrating into ITIL into an established IT function and Enterprise Architecture (EA) environment.

In this paper Trevor will:

  • Review (briefly) the recommendations of ITIL for developing and managing a Service Strategy for IT Services.
  • Try to clarify what is meant by an “IT Service”.
  • Then apply these principles to managing a small EA department within an IT function.

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