Enterprise Architecture: Inside Out - A Best Practice Introduction

Enterprise Architecture May 19, 2023

Part three in a series of white papers on Best Practices in moving to an Enterprise Architecture discipline.

This is the third in a series of white papers on best practices in moving to an Enterprise Architecture discipline. The first was an overview: Enterprise Architecture (EA) Inside Out or Outside In, in which Karl Schulmeisters summarized two approaches to initiating an EA project: from the technology side (Inside Out) and from the Business Goals side (Outside In).

In the second, Enterprise Architecture (EA) Inside Out, I dove into some best practice approaches for engaging with business leaders on starting with business goals and moving towards a technology library approach by using tools like Orbus’ iServer to capture the business goals and business processes involved leveraging the ITIL Process Maturity Model to identify what level of work is involved.

This white paper will look at some of the more common approaches through which Enterprise Architecture takes root in an organization: Enterprise Architecture (EA) Inside Out. In an Inside Out approach, Enterprise Architectural methods, tools and processes begin in the Information Technology or Technology R&D organization at the technical management level and move “outwards” to integrate with Business Processes and Business Goals.