eTOM Starter Pack

Business Process Analysis May 19, 2023

A free Starter Pack for eTOM inlcuding Microsoft Visio Stencils, templates and overview.

The Business Process Framework (previously known as the Enhanced Telecom Operations Model or eTOM) is a standard maintained by the TM Forum, an association for service providers and their suppliers in the telecommunications and entertainment industries. The TM Forum describes the framework as a hierarchical catalogue of the key business processes required to run a service-focused business. Interestingly, the Business Process Framework is a component of Frameworx, a larger suite of best practices and standards that are service-oriented, highly automated and an efficient approach to business operations.

The Business Process Framework defines and analyzes different levels of enterprise processes according to their significance and priority for the business. The framework is defined as generically as possible in order to ensure its continued organization, technology, and service independence.

For service providers, it provides the blueprint for process direction, but it also constitutes a useful, neutral reference point for:

• Internal process reengineering needs

• Partnerships

• Alliances

• General working agreements with other companies

Within the Business Process Framework (eTOM) Starter Pack you will find a wealth of valuable resources, such as Business Process Framework Visio stencils and templates, an eTOM processes poster and an eTOM Quick Reference Guide. Download the pack now and learn more about the Business Process Framework.