Generative AI Adoption Reference Model 1.0

Poster Mar 20, 2024

Leverage the transformative power of generative AI within your organization with guidance from the Generative AI Adoption Reference Model 1.0.

Generative AI holds tremendous promise for businesses to respond to market needs and gain a competitive edge. However, many organizations struggle to navigate the complex, rapidly evolving landscape of AI solutions and realize their full potential, understanding ethical concerns, governance considerations, and management of AI solutions.

What’s lacking is a unified framework that outlines the capabilities necessary to adopt generative AI across the enterprise. Enterprise architecture is at the forefront of providing this framework, offering a structure and strategy to adopt AI technologies in alignment with your overarching business goals.

The Generative AI Adoption Reference Model 1.0, crafted with enterprise architecture principles at its core, ensures a scalable, governable, and strategically aligned approach to leveraging the power of AI. It is designed to demystify the adoption process, enabling enterprise architects and technologists to strategically plan, govern, and integrate AI solutions that drive genuine business value. It not only streamlines the evaluation of AI technologies but also facilitates the creation of adoption roadmaps tailored to your organization's objectives, ensuring sustainable growth and innovation.

Future iterations of the Generative AI Adoption Reference Model will include further and more granular AI capabilities, as well as associated AI tools, products, and services.

Begin your journey towards a smarter, more agile enterprise with this comprehensive guide.