How to include attitudes in Enterprise Architecture and why consensus is not important - Paper 4

Enterprise Architecture May 19, 2023

In this fourth paper in the Soft Systems Methodology (SSM) series, Ceri Williams explores two major areas of SSM: Accommodation and Consensus, and Structures, Processes and Attitudes.

In this series, Ceri Williams has introduced the Soft Systems Methodology (SSM), comparing it with Enterprise Architecture in its approach to dealing with problems. Proposing an idea of blending Soft Systems and Systems Engineering to create a re-imagined approach to Enterprise Architecture, so far the papers have explored the similarities and differences between these two disciplines. Identifying the limits of Systems Engineering, Williams aims to highlight appropriate elements of SSM that can be used to create a better, holistic approach to Enterprise Architecture.

In this fourth paper of the Soft Systems Methodology series, Williams considers in more depth particular ways in which the methodology can complement the traditional engineering approach to Enterprise Architecture. His discussion focuses on two major areas of difference: Accommodation and Consensus – seeking actions and change that stakeholders can live with – and Structures, Processes and Attitudes – being inclusive of change as a means of delivering improvement to a situation.