Information Security Integration within the Enterprise Reference Architecture Model: Part 1

Enterprise Architecture May 19, 2023

Part one of a two-part paper discussing Information Security Integration within the Enterprise Reference Architecture Model

To be effective, Information Security must become a fundamental part of the Enterprise Architecture landscape, deeply embedded into platforms, services, networks and operations at all levels.  Information Security must be an integral component within an organization’s business, operation and technology strategies and solution delivery practices. 

In this two-part series, Guy Sereff helps architects, information security analysts, technology providers, business analysts and strategic risk managers better understand how to incorporate Information Security into their organization’s Enterprise Reference Architecture model. 

In Part 1: Foundation, Guy covers a few key concepts that will provide the underpinning from which we’ll be able to build our discussion on.  These concepts include:

  • Fundamental Definitions and Relationships
    • Enterprise Architecture
    • Enterprise Architecture Frameworks
    • Reference Models
  • Information Security Architecture Considerations
    • Baseline Definitions
    • Industry Certifications and Standards
    • Information Security Architecture Framework Example

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