Is TOGAF's future cloudy with a slight chance of SOA?

Enterprise Architecture May 19, 2023

A paper discussing how businesses should embrace SOA and Cloud computing as the new IT paradigm and use TOGAF 9.1 to leverage this.

"I am currently sitting on a high-speed train, typing away at this paper on an iPad and saving it to Dropbox. This will enable me to access the MS Word document on my laptop when I am in the office and I will be able to just continue from where I stopped. My blackberry just reminded me that I have an appointment in 30 minutes; just enough time for me to quickly switch applications on my iPad and re-read the e-mail correspondence on my corporate Gmail account in preparation for my breakfast meeting with a new client.

As a consultant and owner of a small training and consulting business, cloud services changed the business landscape significantly for me. I am able to collaborate, share and co-develop with associates and clients, while travelling between cities, or even across borders, without the need of an IT support team. Cloud services also saved me the capital layout required to procure and host the hardware and software required for running a business.

Whilst I sit on the train I see most people reading e-mails on their smart phones or working on a tablet and I am wondering if a large number of business managers and corporate executives who are experiencing the flexibility of cloud services within their personal lives, are not asking why they can’t have the same levels of flexibility, scalability and ease-ofuse, in their business environments without having to make large capital investments?"

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