IT4IT Reference Architecture Pack

Enterprise Architecture May 19, 2023

This introductory pack includes IT4IT ready Visio stencils, an independent white paper providing commentary on the value of IT4IT and details of iServer support for IT4IT.

IT4IT is a vendor-neutral reference architecture developed by The Open Group for managing the business of IT. Its development was explained by the fact that most mature industry verticals (e.g. retail, telecom) and professionalized management functions (e.g. finance, supply chain, HR) had evolving reference architectures whereas IT had none.

IT4IT employs a value chain approach in order to create a model of the functions that the IT department performs. This is called the IT Value Chain and it assists companies in clarifying which activities actually help towards securing business competitiveness. At the center of the Value Chain sits the Reference Architecture, a three-level functional reference architecture that underpins and ties together the four major Value Streams. Each of these streams is centered on a key aspect of the service model:

  • Strategy to Portfolio (S2P)
  • Requirement to Deploy (R2D)
  • Request to Fulfill (R2F)
  • Detect to Correct (D2C)

This starter pack is a great resource for anyone who is looking to become introduced to the IT4IT Reference Architecture. Within you will find Visio template diagrams and models, a useful analyst opinion piece, as well as the iServer IT4IT Accelerator brochure. These will ensure you are off to a great start when implementing this widely employed Open Group standard within your company’s practice.