Lean Methodology Starter Pack

Business Process Analysis May 19, 2023

Introducing the Lean Starter Pack, a useful set of resources, stencils and templates to get you started on your waste elimination initiative!

Lean is a management philosophy derived from the Toyota Production System that fosters a culture of continuous improvement. The idea of Lean is to create more value for customers with fewer resources. Maximizing value while minimizing waste is achieved by designing and adhering to a flow of high value-added activities or processes.

A key concept in Lean is ‘waste’, the elimination of which sits at the core of the philosophy. Waste is defined as anything that does not create value for the customer. An activity or process adds value only when three conditions are met: the activity must transform the product or service, the customer must be willing to pay for it, and it must be done correctly the first time. Lean is a culture of teamwork and continuous improvement whereby employees are taught to identify and remove waste in order to create the most efficient processes possible.

Lean is sometimes seen as a set of tools or methods, such as Value Stream Mapping, the 5 S’s and the Ishikawa Diagram.

By downloading the Lean Methodology Starter Pack you will gain access to a number of important resources, such as:

  • An Introduction to Lean
  • Posters documenting the types of Waste and Lean extensions for Visio
  • Standard Templates and Stencils
  • BPMM 2.0 Getting Started Guide