Multi-Party Business Service Cooperation

Business Process Analysis May 19, 2023

A white paper explaining the problems in collaboration/choreography for services.

The observations of the modern market outline that companies employing transmutation and collaboration are more likely the winners than the brick-and-mortar companies in spite of their spirit of owning and controlling everything around, commanding suppliers and even consumers just to minimize any negative impact on them. In the era of globalization and related integration it is impossible to own and control everything; standing still may not be an option. This is why we can hear about business collaboration everywhere these days.

Choreography pattern specified by WS-CDL recommendation has been known for years as dedicated to collaboration by design. In this case, why is it so difficult to find a business collaboration constructed in accordance with this pattern? One of the main reasons, in our opinion, is that it is inflexible. Another reason is that organizations that utilize Business Services tend to stay away from Choreography [1]. This White Paper explains problems in collaboration/choreography for services and describes a procedural solution, which is free from the immutability of Choreography and allows the use of Business Services but in a cooperative manner.

We hope that enterprise business and technical architects as well as leaders of customer, partner and supplier relationship management will find this White Paper useful. It offers a reliable method of constructing inter-business collaboration using existing capabilities of Business Services – a method of Multi-Party Business Service Interaction (MPBSI)[2].

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