Process Maturity and BPMN

Business Process Analysis May 19, 2023

A white paper discussing the importance of business processes for the success of a company.

Every company provides services for somebody, meaning that a set of activities must be performed by either employees or "machines". This is in line with the definition of a business process, which can be defined as "a set of business activities that represent the steps required to achieve a business objective." Processes are performed in every company and therefore it is not reasonable to divide companies into those who perform processes and those who do not. Instead, it is more reasonable to classify companies according to if, and how, they manage processes.

This paper discusses the importance of business processes and their management for the success of a company. A generic process maturity model is presented consisting of six process maturity stages. In line with the stages, the importance and role of BPMN models and supporting tools is discussed.

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