Project Communication: Beyond Text and Email

Business Process Analysis May 19, 2023

This eBook discusses the importance of using a variety of channels to build engagement, and the importance of having a compelling story to tell that will resonate with the target audience.

When working on business change and process improvement projects, communication is absolutely crucial. So often, it’ll be necessary to communicate and engage with a wide range of dispersed stakeholders across organizations, teams and locations.

Different stakeholder groups will have different needs, fears and aspirations – and some will be more interested in the change than others. Yet getting the balance of communication and engagement right is essential – if we inadvertently under-communicate, miss engagement opportunities or miss stakeholders then we may find that the change our organization has worked so hard to implement is rejected.

Our change project may be perfectly specified and delivered, but because the right people weren’t involved and didn’t have the opportunity to comment, we have missed the opportunity to consult, build buy in and validate assumptions.

In this ebook we explore practical tips that help to ensure our project communication is fully absorbed and actioned.

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