Quick Reference Guide: Business Process Frameworks

Business Process Analysis May 19, 2023

A useful and informative quick reference guide to Business Process Frameworks.

One of the popular topics in Enterprise Architecture today is Patterns. However, before Patterns became such a “hot” topic the uses of Architecture Frameworks were seen as an important part of the Architect’s “Toolkit”.

In this Quick Reference Guide, David Jones and Roderick Brown consider a key component of the Architect’s “Toolkit”: Business Process Frameworks, discussing the following:

• What are Business Process Frameworks; 
• Why you should use a Business Process Framework; and 
• The types of Business Process Frameworks available.

They also provide an introduction and context to Process Frameworks explaining:

• Why a means of classifying Processes is important 
• What 
a Process Framework does; 
• How to use Process Framework
s; and 
• Examples of applying Process Frameworks.