Quick Reference Guide ITIL Service Transition

Business Process Analysis May 19, 2023

Your quick reference guide for ITIL Service Transition.

Following on from the Quick Reference Guide focusing on Service Operations, this instalment covers the Service Transition lifecycle phase of ITIL.

Many business innovations are achieved through project initiatives that involve IT. In the end, whether these are minor operational improvements or major transformational events, they all produce change. In the Service Design quick reference guide, we looked at creating and improving services through the design stage of the lifecycle. 

ITIL Service Transition moves services and service changes into operational use.

This is achieved by receiving a new or changed Service Design Package from Service Design, then testing it to ensure it meets the identified needs of the business, and finally deploying it in the production environment. The purpose of the service transition lifecycle is to ensure that new, modified or retired services meet the expectations of the business as documented in the service strategy and service design stages of the lifecycle.

In this quick reference guide we ensure the knowledge that has been generated (and needed to manage services when in the live environment) is shared across the organization. This is done through Service Transition.