Quick Reference Guide: TM Forums eTOM Model

Business Process Analysis May 19, 2023

A Quick Reference Guide to help organizations with the eTOM® model.

In David Jones and Roderick Brown’s recently published White Paper, ‘Quick Reference Guide: Business Process Frameworks’, they outlined the main Business Process Frameworks commonly in use. In this next installment in the series of Quick Reference Guides, they cover the enhanced Telecom Operations Model, more commonly known as eTOM® .

eTOM is unlike any other of the Business Process Frameworks that have been previously covered. This is because eTOM is only one part, the Business Process part, of a set of frameworks, called Frameworx.  Frameworx was developed by an organization called TM Forum, formerly called the TeleManagement Forum and the Network Management Forum.

In this paper, David Jones and Roderick Brown provide a useful Quick Reference Guide for organizations using eTOM, demonstrating how the framework can help to rapidly solve business issues in critical areas, such as business management and security.