Realizing BPM-as-a-Service - The next level in Cloud Computing

Business Process Analysis May 19, 2023

Business Process Management as a Service (BPMaaS) is the next logical step for BPM in conjunction with cloud computing. In this paper, Christian Seel introduces the concept of BPMaaS, and suggests how an organization might know if such a migration is right for them.

Business Process Management is constantly evolving. In this age of the Cloud, it is only logical that the next step should be to move towards Business Process Management as a Service (BPMaaS). At the moment, organizations tend to use the Cloud for only parts of the BPM lifecycle, but the concept of BPMaaS proposes the migration of all three phases of the BPM lifecycle in the Cloud.

In this paper, Christian Seel explores the benefits of BPMaaS and how it can offer the entire functionality of a Business Process Management System (BPMS) as a Service in the Cloud. He also offers a guide for organizations thinking of making the move, and what steps to take before BPMaaS is introduced.