Reusing Process Maps as the Basis of an EA Project

Enterprise Architecture May 19, 2023

A White Paper explaining how business process maps can contribute to the overall definition of a ‘current state’ architecture.

When documenting an enterprise’s current-state architecture, the best practice is to perform discovery on what documentation already exists in order to describe the existing state of affairs. While a common activity in such an exercise is to go and inspect the logical, conceptual and physical architectures of recent (and not so recent) projects, sometimes organizations forget that another resource exists, at least in terms of analyzing the business architecture – the process maps for an organization.

Process mapping activity is usually performed, when it already exists, by a different department. For example, processes are often created by a dedicated business analysis team, separate from the architecture team or, just as commonly, external consultants as part of a specific initiative or software project.

In this white paper, we draw on experience with some of our existing customers to consider how aspects of process analysis activities (either project-based or organization-wide) can help identify elements of a business architecture.

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