Taking an Asset Management Approach to Reusable Technology Building Blocks

Enterprise Architecture May 19, 2023

This paper explains about using an asset Buy/Hold/Sell strategy across the asset portfolio.

Many organization across all industry sectors and sizes have amassed a heterogeneous array of technology gadgets and an equally wide assortment of software packages, utilities and applications over the course of operations. The pace of today’s global economy makes it very difficult to stay on top of the vast number of technical components deployed across a firm, let alone with an effective strategy or game plan. 

Considering all of the components as assets allows us to apply common asset portfolio management techniques.  By following a basic three-point plan of (1) Organize, (2) Categorize, and (3) Optimize, firms can focus their energies and investments on performing assets (i.e. adding or sustaining value) and divest themselves of assets that are under performing (i.e. marginal or declining value). 

Many firms do a great job of getting through the first step, and a pretty good job at the second.  However, it can be difficult to master the last step and reap the full benefits of asset optimization.  In this paper, Guy Sereff discusses how using an asset Buy/Hold/Sell strategy across the asset portfolio can help drive such optimization, and facilitate progress against the firm’s Enterprise Reference Architecture roadmaps.