The Art of Transition

Jul 25, 2023

Agreeing major changes to processes is a hard endeavour. Yet getting those same changes implemented is even harder. Often this involves organisational changes, technical changes, and so forth. It is very easy to forget the transition requirements. To ensure a smooth and successful implementation we need to consider factors such as migration, training, communication and so on. In this ebook, we explore this topic further.


Process improvement initiatives can yield significant benefits for organizations. Slick, well-designed processes will often deliver superior service to customers, whilst potentially also cutting out waste and therefore costing less to run and maintain. Designing and agreeing major changes to processes can be a real challenge – yet getting those changes implemented can be even harder! In a worst case scenario we might find that an amended process never really gets adopted (or that it is ‘unofficially’ adapted after a few weeks), and therefore the benefits we anticipated are never achieved. In some cases this non-adoption may be due to a breakdown in communication, however in a worst case scenario it might be because crucial requirements were missed during the process re-design initiative. In this ebook, we explore this topic further.