The Eight Types of Lean Waste

Lean Oct 13, 2023

Waste is a key concept in Lean, and can undermine the intentions and capabilities of any business. So how do you identify and deal with it?

Organizations looking to optimize resources and performance first need to understand what it is that is holding them back. The Lean methodology provides a clear approach to identifying different types of waste and eliminating them from the organization.

We know that this can be a challenge, which is why we’ve created a guide to understanding the impact of waste on your business, and how you can apply Lean to reduce waste and costs, improving operational efficiency.

Check out this infographic for:

  • Definitions of the eight different types of waste
  • The importance of reducing waste
  • The Lean technique and the role of process maps in waste analysis

Download your guide today and use it to ensure you continue to provide customers with the fast, efficient services they demand.

The 8 Types of Lean Waste

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