The Fragility of Resilience

White Paper Oct 13, 2023

Resilience has risen rapidly to become an incredibly popular idea and target for organizations around the world. As a concept, resilience appears to be quite resilient: spreading relentlessly and provoking endless theories, frameworks and guides. Yet at the same time, the concept of resilience is arguably quite fragile. 

Dozens of consultancies and academics have attempted to create frameworks for business resilience, with limited success. There are so many ways to approach resilience that decision makers face a challenge in drilling down to the essential actions for improved resilience.

In this white paper, we present our vision for resilience, bringing together different concepts into a 3-pronged approach that argues for People, Process and Technology resilience. 

Download now to find out: 

  • The differences between resiliency frameworks from the big consultancies 

  • The reasons why People, Process and Technology are the keys to resilience 

  • How each aspect of resilience is interlinked 

  • Why resilience is a stepping stone to larger goals