The Function Model - the Foundation for All Business Models

Business Process Analysis May 19, 2023

A white paper explaining the importance of the Function Model and how it serves as the basis for all Business Models.

In spite of the fact that structured business modeling has been around for more than three decades, most current business modeling projects start in the wrong place and head in the wrong direction.

This is especially true for Process Modeling which, due to many fundamental errors introduced by the practices of large consultancies in the heydays of Business Process Management (BPM), has actually regressed.  The extent of this regression means that most Process Modeling projects leave the enterprise worse off both operationally and financially, with the costs far outweighing the benefits. 

The major cause of the failure of these projects is that the analysts are incorrectly using Process Modeling as a primary modeling technique, which it is not. 

In this paper, John Owens will explain how the Function Model serves as the basis for all Business Models including an in-depth insight into the Function Model and the approach and technique required.