The Relentless Fight for Market Share in Finance

White Paper May 19, 2023

How IT Makes the Difference

Banks and other financial service firms need to fight for market share, but the battle in this sector has become far fiercer in recent years. The “challenger” banks, Crypto traders, broker apps and wider Fintech firms are pushing the incumbent banks and each other at every step. 

Perhaps the key battleground here is in technology. After all, it is mobile apps, blockchain and open banking that have blown open the previously closed shop of finance. CIOs, Technology leaders, Enterprise Architects and even Risk Managers are needed to guide innovation and future strategy in the financial sector if businesses are not to be left behind.

This article will delve into the demand for omnichannel banking experiences and how IT will need to align with the business to produce the right outcomes. 

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  • Why omnichannel banking is the next big battleground 

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  • The approaches needed from leadership, management and architects