The Total Economic Impact of iServer365 - Bitesize

White Paper Oct 13, 2023

As part of a Total Economic Impact Study, Forrester Consulting interviewed Orbus customers across a range of industries to understand the potential cost savings and business benefits enabled by the iServer365 Enterprise Architecture Management Suite.

The study found that iServer365:

  • Provides a sector leading return on investment: 394% ROI over 3 years
  • Pays for itself in under 1 year
  • Generates $2.6M USD in financial gain seen over 3 years
  • Customers can sunset 20% of applications over 3 years

The benefits go beyond cost savings. Orbus customers benefit from increased throughput, more meaningful insights through shared dashboards, reduced decision-making time and increased architecture quality and productivity, and clearer oversight of their IT landscape, resulting in improved employee experience and job satisfaction.

Access this bitesize version of the TEI report to learn more about the impact iServer365 delivers.