TOGAF 9 Stakeholder Management: Selecting The Right Views for C-Level Buy In To EA

White Paper May 19, 2023

How to develop and manage the C-level as TOGAF® stakeholders in order to ensure project success.

Any Enterprise Architecture (EA) initiative or project must find a way to lock-in support from key stakeholders if they want to provide a sustainable EA capability within the organization. C-level executives control key budgets and resources and are potentially the primary sponsors of EA initiatives within an organization.

The Open Group’s TOGAF 9 architecture framework can be used by EA teams as an input to defining their own stakeholder management process. Stakeholder management is usually performed as part of an architecture project’s scoping phase, but can also be executed as a separate initiative to gain support for EA initiatives within the organization. The stakeholder management process must have at least four steps; identification of stakeholders, classification of stakeholders, stakeholder management approach and Viewpoint or Deliverables Tailoring.

The CEO, and other C-level executives, must be treated as any other stakeholder within the architecture initiative and a proper stakeholder analysis must be performed to understand what and how they will benefit from the architecture initiative. This level of stakeholder will have a significant impact on the success of the overall project and addressing the concerns of these stakeholders will enable the wider adoption of Enterprise Architecture in the organization.

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