TOGAF 9: Stakeholder Management: Selecting The Right Views for C-Level Buy In to EA | Presentation

Slide Presentation May 19, 2023

An EA presentation that illustrates the standard TOGAF® 9 stakeholder management approach and addresses the four key steps; Identification, Classification, Definition and Tailoring.

Senior management stakeholder sponsorship and support will have a significant impact on the overall success of an EA initiative because they will influence its funding and will enable the wider adoption of Enterprise Architecture in the organisation.

Using the standard TOGAF® 9 stakeholder management approach, this presentation addresses the four steps of Identification, Classification, Definition and Tailoring the viewpoints for C-Level stakeholders.

It shows how the CEO, and other C-level executives, are treated as any other stakeholder within the architecture initiative and must be included in any stakeholder analysis exercises to demonstrate executives.