The Total Economic Impact of an EA Tool

White Paper May 19, 2023

The most complex aspects of Enterprise Architecture involve justifying the Return on Investment of EA tools, determining the total economic impact of such investment, and the collaboration across a multi-disciplinary team that is required to do so.   

Analyzing the following key aspects will provide insights to identify changes required to meet strategic intent, the viability of the strategy, and the in-depth detail of the total economic impact of such a strategy: 

  1. Strategy 
  2. Products and Services 
  3. Organization 
  4. Processes 
  5. Risk 
  6. Data and Information 
  7. Technology 

Ensuring that an EA tool delivers value is dependent on an elevated level of collaboration between business and architecture teams. If personnel can collaborate with strategy, planning, and organizational efforts in mind, then this level of analysis can be successful without disrupting business as usual.