Unravelling Business Process Tangles

Business Process Analysis May 19, 2023

A white paper observing Business Process Tangles and the approach to untangling them.

A characteristic of many business process improvement projects is that once process investigation and mapping starts, the hidden complexity of the process landscape becomes apparent. The size of the task required to untangle and improve the processes can then appear daunting and impossible. This white paper contains my observations on why these tangles occur and describes my approach to untangling them.

What are Business Process Tangles?

A business process tangle is when the journey from one end of a process to another is broken, unclear, loops back on itself in duplicated tasks and fails to follow a straight line between receiving customer requirements and eventually providing the required output to the customer.

Indicators of business process tangles include variable cycle time, unexplained costs and delays, unclear process ownership and accountability and reliance on those individuals who ‘know how to make the process work’.

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