Using Architecture Layers to Improve Project Delivery and Execution Success

Enterprise Architecture May 19, 2023

A paper on using all four enterprise architecture domains to to improve project delivery and execution success.

In Andrew Swindell’s last white paper he discussed the need to focus on the architecture basics of leveling your inputs across conceptual, logical and physical levels to ensure the right issues and challenges are being addressed and executive engagement and commitment are supported.

In this white paper, I will extend the architecture discipline to provide insight on why all planning, scoping and design activities at any level of detail must address, end-to-end, all four enterprise architecture domains of:

  • Business
  • Data
  • Applications
  • Infrastructure

Addressing all four of these layers in the planning and scoping phase will significantly improve your chances of project delivery success. End-to-end consideration across the architecture capability layers includes a wide range of inputs;

  • Business Architecture: Services, Functions, Processes, Metrics, Business Strategy and Vision, Organizational Readiness, Organizational Operating Model
  • Data Architecture: Subject Areas, Entities, Master Data
  • Applications Architecture: Application Layers, Domains, Modules, ERP, CRM, Interfaces
  • Infrastructure Architecture: Layers, Domains, Networks, Cloud

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