Using Traditional BA Tools for Business Intelligence (Pt 1)

Business Process Analysis May 19, 2023

Traditional Business Analysis methods and tools can be repurposed to formalize & structure Business Intelligence analysis work - here we cover the SWOT and RACI techniques

Today we’re going to talk about how traditional Business Analysis methods and tools can be repurposed to formalize and structure Business Intelligence analysis work.

Ralph Kimball gave us the Business Matrix that is likely to form the basis of most data related analysis - whether building a data warehouse or not, it is a valuable tool whenever there is a need to collate multiple data set based requirements.

This is a helpful technique across the data analysis spectrum, but specialized additional methods for Business Intelligence are thin on the ground. Fortunately, a lot of tried and tested analysis tools can be tweaked (or hacked, if you prefer) to provide a workable approach to Business Intelligence based analysis.

SWOT Analysis

I personally consider SWOT analysis to be a life skill as much as an analysis technique and have applied it to every big life decision since learning it in college. And as such, it makes a great starting point for us.

The SWOT methodology applies four areas of focus with which to evaluate a subject, and can be applied to almost everything from buying a house to choosing a restaurant.

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