What Are The Benefits of EA Tooling?

Enterprise Architecture May 19, 2023

What’s the purpose of an application? Often, this is an easy question to answer: anyone can see the benefits of Word or Excel. Not every application is going to be obvious, however, and this can present difficulties when attempting to invest in new technologies that stakeholders don’t understand. Enterprise architecture tools can be particularly complicated for newcomers, yet this reinforces the importance of having the right application. 

Enterprise architecture initiatives can span massive organizations, taking into account thousands of potential stakeholders, hundreds of components and dozens of strategic goals, which adds up to a major challenge for architects.  

This guide will introduce EA tools, what they do, and how they can help architects to deliver better results. This guide will cover: 

  • The purpose of enterprise architecture

  • What an enterprise architecture tool can do 

  • How a tool makes enterprise architecture more effective 

  • The advantages of iServer as an EA tool 

Download your guide today to help dispel any confusion over the benefits that an EA tool can bring.  

Need help establishing an EA department? We have an eBook for that too! Five Steps to Designing a Fully Optimized Enterprise Architecture will let you take the first step.