What Solutions Architects Should Know About The TOGAF ADM

White Paper May 19, 2023

How the discipline of solution architecture can benefit from a closer alignment with TOGAF® 9

TOGAF and specifically the TOGAF Architecture Development Method (ADM) provide very good guidelines and best practices to architects that need to develop or implement architectures within organizations.

Although the framework is more widely used within the Enterprise Architecture community, the fact is that the Open Group framework is designed to be used by any architecture community, including Solutions Architects, Security Architects, SOA Architects, and Business Architects.

In this white paper I want to highlight a few key points that I believe Solution Architects should know about the TOGAF ADM. The following key points are discussed in detail in subsequent sections:

  • #1 A Solution Architect is just another Architect
  • #2 Solution Architecture is part of an Enterprise Architecture Capability
  • #3 The TOGAF ADM is a Solution Architecture Development Method
  • #4 The ADM is designed to support Viewpoints
  • #5 The 4+1 Viewpoints and the ADM Phases

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