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Enterprise Architecture: Inside Out or Outside In?

Enterprise Architecture May 19, 2023

A white paper discussing Enterprise Architecture and the "Inside Out" and "Outside In" approaches.

A common question asked about Enterprise Architecture (EA) is whether it makes more sense to start with the Business Architecture or the Technology Architecture of the company. Like many things, the answer is “it depends”.

EA comes out of the technology side of the business, so the technology approach is inherently more of an “insiders’ “ approach (Inside Out) while the Business Goals/Roadmaps approach aligns more with the external pressures (Outside In) than the technology side of the business faces. This whitepaper will discuss what circumstances lend themselves better to each approach and provide some guidelines for successfully implementing each approach.

Greenfields vs Brownfields

Implementing a full Enterprise Architecture Practice across the whole of an organization, all of its IT assets, all of its Business Processes and Roadmaps is a huge undertaking; large enough that the risks and costs associated with it will preclude its being approved without the existence of a positive record of accomplishment.

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