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Mature Enterprise Architecture and How to Get There

Poster May 19, 2023

A Visual Guide to Establishing a Fully Optimized Enterprise Architecture Practice

The sudden change forced upon modern enterprises by digitalization requires rapid transformation. New paths emerge, bringing opportunity and hidden pitfalls in equal measure. It can be hard to see what is lurking around the corner and finding the right route can be difficult.

An efficient enterprise architecture practice helps guide you, but how do you create one from the ground up?

Our visual companion to attaining enterprise architecture maturity outlines the key steps to achieving a robust yet flexible framework that prepares you for your journey. This step-by-step guide will help benchmark your current level of maturity against industry standards and competitors, as well as provide key pointers on how to advance to the next stage.

Check it out now and find out more about the different levels of EA Maturity:

  • Emergent
  • Developing
  • Functional
  • Performing
  • Optimized