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Populating your Models: Some Immediate Wins

Jul 25, 2023

Now you have your viewpoints identified, we talk through what to populate in your initial viewpoints, in particular how to deliver some immediate quick wins – always necessary when starting an ongoing activity

Enterprise modeling is still more art than science, and requires skilled (and, consequently, expensive) staff to accomplish. So it’s natural that an organization is going to be focused on what benefits they gain from implementing, populating and maintaining an enterprise model. This in turn means that in order to show success, the modeling team needs to answer this concern. A good way to address this problem is to define, and identify the answers to three questions. They are:

• “What answers do we hope to gain from the models we create?”
• “What viewpoints will support obtaining these answers?”
• “What are some immediate ways to apply models to provide value?”

We’ve talked about the first two questions in other e-books from Orbus. In this e-book, I’ll be addressing the third question – how can a modeling initiative show value quickly?