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Service-Oriented Corporate Culture: Needs and Transformation

Enterprise Architecture May 19, 2023

A white paper looking into the nature and role of the Service-Oriented Ecosystem and the social effect of Service-Orientation from the perspective of a corporate culture.

A corporate culture is the most liquid substance in an enterprise, and is the most solid thing in an enterprise, especially if you want to change it. Service-Orientation at a corporate level is not sustainable without cultural support. What cultural changes are needed and how to deal with them are discussed in this White Paper. The nature and role of the Service-Oriented Ecosystem and social effect of Service-Orientation are presented and analyzed here from the perspective of a corporate culture.

“Creating value not just for yourself but for the society around you is a key element of building value for your corporation.” Charles Sirois

About a Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is about us, the people, about our activities and manners when we work on something in groups. It is about corporate values, norms, working language, habits, human beliefs, and behaviour. It is also about the taboos, symbols, rituals and myths a company management wants its employees to believe. The culture of a company is linked to the characteristics of the surrounding society that in many cases define the social structure of the company. A corporate culture is one of the most powerful intangible values that attributes to both success and failure of any initiative. “Culture eats strategy over breakfast,” said Peter Drucker.

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